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Value Sales Tools

Interactive online and tablet-based tools to communicate & quantify your unique value and ROI.

  • Guides sales to deliver the right value conversation based on Prospect's profile, roles, challenges & discovery questions

  • Visual storytelling automatically drawn for each selling situation

  • "Back of the napkin" interactive surveys, assessments, ROI calculators & TCO / competitive comparisons

  • Dynamic Insights collected from engagements & automatically aggregated & provided for each subsequent conversation

  • Personalization with customized vignettes & dynamic whiteboards (powered by Zamurai)

  • Customized white paper leave behind / email for your prospect to share with other decision makers
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  • Customer intelligence & usage captured from each conversation Integration with CRM, Sales Playbooks & SSO

  • Post initial delivery, Sales Enablement can use the Builder to quickly and easily evolve, or create new ValueStory Plays for other solution areas

Value to you

Value Sales Tools are expected to generate $12.1M of incremental revenue for every $50M in territory / quota (based on typical Sales metrics and IDC research on the benefits of Alinean ValueStory™):

Engage Earlier

  • 67% of buyers have decided on a solution prior to sales being invited into the decision making process - SiriusDecisions
  • Improve the ability for Sales to engage 40% earlier by providing provocative, insight-driven, value-focused conversations - IDC

Ignite Buying Decisions

  • 58% of a typical sales pipeline consists of stalled deals - SBI
  • Provide Sales with the ammunition to Ignite 5% more buying decisions by provocatively messaging and quantifying "Why Consider a Change?" and "Why Do So Now?" - IDC

Accelerate Sales Cycles

  • Prospect decision cycles are now 24% longer than 2 years ago. - SiriusDecisions
  • Accelerate sales cycles by 10% to 30% by helping prioritize the project, communicate value importance to each stakeholder, and deliver important justification to skeptical / frugal financial decision makers. - IDC

Reduce Discounting

  • Average discounts of 20% or more are now common. - IDC
  • Reduce discounting by 30% by focusing the prospect on value versus price. - IDC

Improve Competitive Win Rates

  • On average ¼ of all opportunities are lost to the competition. - IDC
  • Improve competitive win rates by 25% by engaging earlier and providing compelling / quantified differentiation. - IDC

Accelerate New Hire Sales Reps Ramp Up Time

  • Average ramp up time is 9 months - CSO Insights. Can be as long as 3 years for complex sales like technology, business & healthcare services. - Forrester
  • Accelerate new hire sales reps ramp up time by 30% by providing the guidance to have more intelligent and provocative value-focused conversations. - IDC

Improve Quota Performance

  • Over 40% of sales reps fail to achieve quota performance goals each year - CSO Insights.
  • The #1 issue for not achieving quota goals is "failure to effectively communicate value messaging to prospects." - SiriusDecisions
  • Double the percentage of sales reps achieving quota performance. - IDC

Reduce Time To Customize Presentation & Develop Business Cases

  • Up to 60% of sales time is spent on overhead versus selling time with customers. - CSO Insights.
  • Over 4 hours per week are spent on customizing traditional PowerPoint presentations and content, and developing customized financial justification / business cases. - Alinean
  • Reduce wasted selling time by 20% or more. - IDC

The Alinean Difference

  • Value Matrix driven with 3rd party certification & credibility
  • Emotional Storytelling + Rational Justification + Credible Success Stories = Yes
  • Collects and leverages Customer intelligence & insights from every conversation
  • Visually stunning tools make value selling fun and credible
  • Usage reporting to drive adoption
  • Leave behind report to fuel multi-stakeholder / complex decision making
  • Connectors / integration with CRM, Playbooks & SSO to manage process, intelligence, usage & access
  • Value sales training to improve use and adoption

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"With Alinean powered vale selling tools, Splunk can better communicate value messaging and financial justification to organizations that want to gain operational intelligence from machine-generated data- helping us drive earlier engagements and accelerated decisions."

Doug May,
Director, Global Business Value Consulting

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