ValueStory® for Sales

Guided value storytelling & "back of the napkin" financial justification tools to communicate, differentiate & quantify your value and ROI.

Guides sales to deliver the right value conversation based on Prospect's profile, roles, challenges & discovery questions

Visual storytelling automatically drawn for each selling situation

"Back of the napkin" interactive surveys, assessments, ROI calculators & TCO / competitive comparisons

Dynamic Insights collected from engagements & automatically aggregated & provided for each subsequent conversation

Personalization with customized vignettes & dynamic whiteboards (powered by Zamurai)

Customized white paper leave behind / email for your prospect to share with other decision makers
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Customer intelligence & usage captured from each conversation
Integration with CRM, Sales Playbooks & SSO

Post initial delivery, Sales Enablement can use the Builder to quickly and easily evolve, or create new ValueStory Plays for other solution areas

Value to you

ValueStory™ for Sales is expected to generate $12.1M of incremental revenue for every $50M in territory / quota (based on typical Sales metrics and IDC research on the benefits of Alinean ValueStory™):

Engage Earlier

  • 67% of buyers have decided on a solution prior to sales being invited into the decision making process - SiriusDecisions
  • Improve the ability for Sales to engage 40% earlier by providing provocative, insight-driven consultative conversations - IDC

Ignite Buying Decisions

  • 58% of a typical sales pipeline consists of stalled deals - SBI
  • Provide Sales with the ammunition to Ignite 5% more buying decisions by provocatively messaging and quantifying "Why Consider a Change?" and "Why Do So Now?" - IDC

Accelerate Sales Cycles

  • Prospect decision cycles are now 22% longer than 5 years ago. - SiriusDecisions
  • Accelerate sales cycles by 10% to 30% by helping prioritize the project, communicate value importance to each stakeholder, and deliver important justification to skeptical / frugal financial decision makers. - IDC

Reduce Discounting

  • Average discounts of 10% or more are now common. - University of Dayton
  • Reduce discounting by 30% by focusing the prospect on value versus price. - IDC

Improve Competitive Win Rates

  • On average ¼ of all opportunities are lost to the competition. - IDC
  • Improve competitive win rates by 25% by engaging earlier and providing compelling / quantified differentiation. - IDC

Accelerate New Hire Sales Reps Ramp Up Time

  • Average ramp up time is 9 months - CSO Insights. Can be as long as 3 years for complex sales like technology, business & healthcare services. - Forrester
  • Accelerate new hire sales reps ramp up time by 30% by providing the guidance to have more intelligent and provocative value-focused conversations. - IDC

Improve Quota Performance

  • Over 40% of sales reps fail to achieve quota performance goals each year - CSO Insights. The #1 issue for not achieving quota goals is "failure to effectively communicate value messaging to prospects." - SiriusDecisions
  • Double the percentage of sales reps achieving quota performance. - IDC

The Alinean Difference

  • Value Matrix driven with 3rd party certification & credibility
  • Emotional Storytelling + Rational Justification = Yes
  • Customer intelligence & insights from every conversation
  • Not just guided, but dynamic customization (whiteboards & tailoring)
  • Leave behind report to fuel multi-stakeholder / complex decision making
  • Connectors / integration with CRM, Playbooks & SSO to manage process, intelligence, usage & access
  • Easy evolution and scalability (from marketing to sales to consulting

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